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What Will Happen During My Hypnosis Session?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

You've booked your hypnosis session with me, now what should you expect? I tell this to all my hypnosis bookings, so why not make an entire blog about it.

Expect relaxation, as much relaxation as you want. You're free to wear comfortable clothing, I've even had people show up in their pajamas! I have a recliner for you to truly rest and go easily into hypnosis. There are pillows, blankets or a weighted blanket. I've had client bring their own blankets or pillows. Once settled and we chat about what exactly you are looking for during your hypnosis session, you recline back and listen to my voice. Afterall, hypnosis is simply following instructions.

My hypnosis sessions begin with some level of a guided meditation or progressive muscle relaxation exercise to get you as physically relaxed as possible. When your body is relaxed, your mind easily follows, so once you're physically relaxed, you're able to let go of your to-do list, errands, chores, and mental expectations and just go into hypnosis on your own.

Some people describe it as if they are watching a movie, some people just have images or thoughts come to mind. One person I've worked with said they only heard ideas or images whispered into their ear, which invited various emotions to come up within them as we explored during their session. I typically check in with you as you can easily speak while in hypnosis too. So I will ask what you are experiencing or feeling or any feedback since I cannot read minds and my job is to guide you through the experience.

When your hypnosis session ends, I will invite you to open your eyes after a final relaxation exercise. We will discuss your experience. I will help answer any questions along with ask you for any feedback for me.

Hope this gives some clarity of what to expect during my hypnosis sessions. I am excited to explore your subconscious with you!

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